2017 – #NewYearNewMe…ha!

Sure you’re all aware that today is the last day of 2016, which means tomorrow is a new year and the majority of people will be thinking #NewYearNewMe…perhaps I will do the same? Or maybe I’ll just blog about it.

2016 has been a mixed bag of a year which, in all honesty, has seemed to just fly by without anything really notable happening to myself. 365 days (I think? 2016 wasn’t a leap year was it?) and not a single memory – 2k16 happens and all I did was exist. Man.

So as New Year means an influx of people saying #NewYearNewMe – either ironically, to take the mick or because they’re actually going to try and change things in the new year, I’m actually going to join the latter and actually make myself do things in 2017.

New Year’s Resolutions soon get broken so I’m going to set myself goals instead and, hopefully, by this time next year they will all have been stuck to and maybe I’ll have things to look back on and think “yeah, I did things”.

So, first things first – a normal “New Year New Me” thing always starts off as being more active. Like joining a gym or something along those lines. I like being original, so that’s goal 1 of the #NewYearNewTom campaign – sign up to the gym and actually go several times a week.

That’s a bit vague and open to abuse – like what does several actually mean? We need numbers, dickhead. Numbers you can stick to and be held accountable for.

So, I’ve already signed up to a nearby gym – it’s a fair distance away, like 20+ minutes walking. Maybe even 30. But it’s cheaper and open 24/7. Walking to and from will be like an exercise in itself. But it all counts…right?

Fuck it, maybe I could even run there…

Woah, don’t get ahead of yourself. You’re not Mo Farah yet…

Going every day, at least in the start, feel like it might be overkill. But it might be cool. So I’m starting off with a commitment to going there at least 4 times a week for at least an hour. If I don’t stick to that, I’m letting myself down…and wasting my own money.

Which I dislike doing. Proper penny-pincher, this one.

Linked to that, you may have noticed my latest obsession in life is a video game called “Life Is Strange”. Yes, it made me sad and all that (see in my last blog post), but there is a point. I found a shirt I really liked that’s from the game but it was only available in Large.

All well and good, except for the fact I don’t take a Large. It’s Extra Large or nothing…

So there’s some motivation there to keep going to the gym – so I can fit into this awesome shirt. Plus get healthier in the process. Win-win.

Join the gym, go several times a week and be able to fit into this shirt. This also includes things such as being more active (going the gym. active), eating properly (no more crisps for breakfast…) and all the associated things with healthier living; because why half-ass it? Just makes the main goal all that more difficult to achieve. Smart.

That’s fine for one 2017 goal.

This post is going to need something a little bit more though.

This post does look a bit lonely in amongst a whole host of nothing but that’s easily rectified…simply post more. And there we have goal #2 of #NewYearNewTom.

No, it probably won’t change my life.

But it’s something I want to do more of in 2017.

So I guess I’ll be posting a lot more this coming year with DAILY blog posts.

A sort of diary.

Highlighting things of the day, thoughts on stuff and perhaps things I find interesting enough to add in. Because it might be short if I have days where I do nothing…which is every day. Probably.

Will anyone read it? Maybe, maybe not.
Will I keep up with it? Yeah. Otherwise I will have failed myself.

So, yeah. Goal 2. More blog posts here. Daily.

Probably more on my other blog as well (britishbirdgang.wordpress.com) when the situation arises to write specific Arizona Cardinals-based things.

Two things to do – though, to be fair, the first one is a lot of different “goals” mashed up into one. So multiple goals to aim for in 2017. That’ll do for me.

Who knows, maybe other things crop up throughout the year that I’ll take advantage of? Unplanned things, stuff you have no control over…mystery.

So, here’s to 2017.

If you’re going to change things about yourself for 2017, good luck – hope you are able to stick to your goals whatever the haters say.

If you’re not changing anything, who am I to judge? I’m just some guy.






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