Jan 1 2017.

Day 1 of 365.

I think it’s fair to say that Sunday is probably THE most boring day to start a New Year on because there’s nothing really that happens on a Sunday. At least not any more.

I mean there’s NFL action to look forward to in the evening but the day is spent doing very little, perhaps I should have been more productive today. Perhaps today could have been the 1st of my planned 4 trips a week to the gym but it wasn’t; mainly because I was up until 2am watching The Inbetweeners on E4 – still makes me laugh, even though I’ve seen them all about 384,313 times.

Slight over-exaggeration on the figures, maybe.

But it’s one of those series that you can watch so many times and not get bored of. Or maybe that’s just me.

Today wasn’t a complete write-off though, I did do a productive thing – I took the dog for a walk out in the cold and rain. Because he’s a dick if he doesn’t go out at a certain time.

Don’t mind walking the dog – except for when there’s other dogs around. Such an anti-social bastard (wonder where he gets that from?) around other dogs. Sadly he didn’t fall into the water like he did last week, that was hella funny.

Forest Park is just over the road and, when it’s cold and wet and there’s nobody else around, it’s a pretty chill place. Walked with the dog around the big pond/lake a couple of times listening to the Life is Strange soundtrack. Not a bad combination.

Didn’t quite spend the hour I was hoping to out but, again, it was cold.

Poor excuse, I should do better and wear a scarf.

So, anyway, just a quick blog post to highlight my Sunday.

Which is naturally so damn exciting.

Maybe Monday will be more interesting…

For now, time to go watch some NFL and tweet about it.




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