January 2nd 2017

Day 2 of 365.

So, I guess I’d better blog something about today to keep up with the #NewYearNewTom thing. Here we go then.

I’ll get the disappointing news out the way first, I once again failed to go to the gym for the 1st of several planned visits this week – again I can blame E4 for showing The Inbetweeners again until the early hours along with the late finish to the Arizona Cardinals/Los Angeles Rams game. See, it’s always someone else’s fault.

Tuesday, it will definitely happen. Once I’ve done a few things in town first. Then I’ll be on my way. Book it.

Yesterday saw me fall short of the “be active for at least an hour” thing by 20-or-so minutes. So, to make up for that, two trips out today saw me smash the hour mark and even make up for the time missed tomorrow.

See, I even have proof…

Displaying Screenshot_20170102-141247.png

No, I don’t know why it didn’t count Sunday’s activity either…nor do I know why it says I was bike riding today. Stupid technology.

Anyway, I met that goal today so that’s all that really matters.

So, I spent this morning searching all over for a PS4 – yep, after many years on the Xbox systems, I’ve gone back to my roots in search of different games – sadly the bundle I had my eye on was sold out everywhere. Except for online. So that’s been ordered and sometime this week, I should be up and running on the Playstation Network thingamajig.

Exciting times.

Spent the afternoon, following my excursion out to Forest Park with the dog yet again, following my football bets. Unlike last night with the NFL (where I had a massive 2 wins!!!), there was no success to be had. In fact, all my bets were trash. One came 3 goals away but I may as well not have bothered.

One weekend I’ll get one of those ridiculous 3million to one bets to come in my favour. Or even a tenner. That’ll do.

Anyway, I best get off…nearly time for Monday’s dose of Hollyoaks, Coronation Street, Eastenders and then Coronation Street again. (I hope. Evening ruined otherwise)

In fact, it’s on now.

See you tomorrow,



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