January 5th 2K17

Day 5/365.

Another day, another gym session “smashed” – as they say. Arms still ache from the other day though so didn’t push too much today and did other things; zero cardio because it seems needless after walking there and back.

Plenty of other things done though, so that’s good. Be a while until there’s progress I would imagine…but it’s a start. Only way to get something done is to do it.

Now that’s out the way, I really don’t have that much to say about today. Besides the gym, been back and played some more Overwatch on the PS4 – quite a fun game, not usually what I go for but certainly fills the void for the time being whilst I figure out which games I want to buy for my new console…

Also took delivery, finally, of my Life is Strange-inspired shirts from Insert Coin Clothing. Quite surprisingly the Large one I ordered (to help towards my #newyearnewTom goals) fits but it’s not pretty. Now I have something to work towards…

The other two are awesome and so damn comfortable. Wearing one now. Might post a picture up on my Instagram l8r.

Maybe tomorrow there’ll be something else worth writing about…



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