So, Monday. Yay.

Kicked off the week with a trip to the gym, spending a whole 72 minutes there – I’m informed by the gym that that is my longest time spent there so far. Which is ace. Probably too soon to say progress but who knows.

Also found out that, according to Google (I use their Google Fit app, so that monitors activity and all that palaver) I was more active than 90% of Stoke-on-Trent last week with nearly 60,000 recorded steps. Might have cracked 70k had I not taken Wednesday off.

Not sure how accurate that is – because I’m sure not everyone in Stoke-on-Trent has Google following their every move. Well, at least not knowingly. But of those that do, there was only 10% more active than me.

So proud. I should stick that on my CV.

What else did I get up to today? Nothing much to be honest, did some writing for my other website (*shameless plug* https://britishbirdgang.wordpress.com/ *shameless plug*) for the first time in a long while.

Also purchased ‘The Last of Us’ for my PS4. Get to see what the hype is all about once that arrives – by then I’d have probably finished Ratchet and Clank; which is actually very good.

Planned for some more ‘content’ on this blog as well – something more than these daily blogs at least. Involves lists. Everyone loves lists. Right?

Anyway, off I go.



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