Don’t you just love snow?

Don’t you just hate snow?

Everyone loves the picturesque nature of it when it’s falling but hate it when it’s stuck to the ground, causing misery and mayhem as cars or people slip and slide all over the place.

We had a fair bit in Stoke overnight, meaning Friday was a hectic day because of it.

Days like this are when I wish I had a collection of “sensible” clothing and footwear. Alas, I do not.

Least I didn’t fall over at any point.

Continued my quest to complete The Last of Us and, yet again, I’m really enjoying this game. Just wish I could read and interact with everything I see…damn you Life is Strange for making me think all games will be like that.

It’s really good though. I am at a really good bit as well.

Or at least I hope it’s good.

It seems like it should be.

Really hate those clickers though. May have nightmares about them.

Also congratulations on surviving Friday the 13th.

Nothing particularly unlucky happened to me today, which is cool. Did put my bets on for the football tomorrow though so if they don’t win, I suppose I can blame that.

Not my ineptitude of picking winning teams…no, definitely not.

Think for the weekend I’ll find something more interesting to write about on this blog.

A Q&A of random questions perhaps.

We’ll see.





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