Two weeks into 2017 but you already knew that.

Two sentences, that’s probably all I’ll do for this blog. Cheerio…

Nah, just kidding.

Saturday. Football day.

An air of optimism around Crewe Alexandra today with it being David Artell’s first game in charge after Steve Davis’ dismissal. I wasn’t there but I was supporting from afar…and I even had a Crewe shirt on for the first time in forever. Even wore it to the gym. ’cause why not?

Lost 2-1 to Luton. Not a terrible scoreline, I was hoping for a draw at least, but they were playing vs. 10 men for a large part of the game. So pretty disappointing. But, then again, when is following Crewe over the last couple of years anything other than disappointing?

Also disappointing was the lack of a betting win. Again.

Closest I came was 3 goals away on a pair of BTTS bets – both had a 0-0, so not good picks by me. Ah well, I won £70 earlier in the week from a slot machine, so I can’t complain.

Anyway, I did think about something more for this blog today but I got distracted by going to the gym this morning, then coming home and taking the dog out, watching the football results coming in, cooking food for tea (a very nice dish called ‘Bang Bang Chicken’, proper chef, me) and then now waiting for WWE’s UK Championship Tournament to start.

There’s just not enough time.

Maybe tomorrow?

We’ll see…



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