Sunday, bloody Sunday.

Well, it was a little bloody as one of our cats scratched me and drew blood. So, yeah, fun times. Highlight of the day.

Things we do to get better though – going out in the rain, walking 1.5 miles to the gym, doing about an hour workout (I pushed myself too much yesterday, so spent a little less time there today) and then walking 1.5 miles back. In the rain. Not cool.

Alas, getting wet because of the weather is something all Brits seem to know about. I don’t know where this is going but, then again, when do I ever?

Still not finished The Last of Us. But got further than I did when I last posted about it on here. So, that’s success.

Should probably mention the WWEUKCT that was on last night, very enjoyable couple of hours watching the #graps with a raucous British crowd chanting about Jesus (because a guy looked a bit like Jesus).

Not exactly an expert in British Wrestling but know of a few guys in the tournament – Mark Andrews would be my pick if he wasn’t in the same part of the draw as Pete Dunne. Who is my actual pick to win it all.

Be cool to see Andrews win it though. Considering how underused he was in TNA, he’s clearly talented in the ring. Well, TNA, they did the same with Kazuchika Okada and look at him now…

There was also some NFL Playoffs last night. I care little considering the Arizona Cardinals aren’t involved in them – but it’s always nice to see the Seattle Seahawks losing. Well done Atlanta.

Couple more tonight…

Tonight sucks.

Got the 2nd day of the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament (bloody hell, that takes forever to type…thankfully there’s a hashtag on Twitter #WWEUKCT) to watch from 8pm but it’ll still be going on when Sherlock’s season finale comes on. I think I’ve decided, WWE live and then Sherlock on iPlayer later/tomorrow.

If I have it spoilt for me, god help the spoiler.

There will be repercussions.





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