January 16th 2017


Today is apparently “Blue Monday” – which is great, loved that Anthony Costa back in the day, so about time they had some kind of recognition for their greatne…wait, it’s not about Blue the boyband? Oh.

Turns out Blue Monday is the most depressing day of the year. According to science. Or something.

Dunno, feels just like a normal day to me…so, whatever Science.


So, after last week’s ‘being in the 10% most-active people in Stoke-on-Trent’, this past week I managed to make it into the Top 5%. Not sure what I’d have to do to crack that, but it’s a very proud day. I’d like to thank myself for sticking to being more active this year.

So far at least.

Well, I’m still ploughing through ‘The Last of Us’ and damn, it’s really good. Really, really good. Experienced the 2nd big shock moment of the game – just when I was starting to like them as well. Ah well, like Game of Thrones, I guess you should never get too attached to anyone.

I was told it might be the best game I’ll ever play and, you know what, I’m starting to think it might be. Genuinely.

Hopefully there’s still plenty more to come – and there’s already a sequel coming sometime in the future, which is ace.

Away from gaming, I really enjoyed Day 2 of the WWE UK Championship Tournament last night – shame that neither Mark Andrews nor Pete Dunne won it (their semi-final match was incredible though) but we’ll see what it leads to down the line.

Did mean missing the Season Finale of Sherlock though.

Must go watch that soon-ish, before it gets spoilt.



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