No Spanish today. Or any other language for that matter – unless English counts.

So, I went for my yearly haircut today…exciting.

I say yearly, it’s not because I can’t be bothered spending time conversing with some guy cutting my hair and talking about stuff – though that might be the second worst thing. First being making sure they don’t cut your hair too short. Like usually happens.

Nah, I’m never usually one to have a haircut because I have days where I like having long-ish hair and days where I don’t so I never bother getting it cut. Weird like that.

Highlight of the day there by the way, in case you were expecting something more.

Sadly, I got nothing.

Not even an update on my The Last of Us playthrough as I have neglected the PS4 today…and it’s dark now, I don’t think it’s advisable to play that game in the dark. Not where I am at at the moment anyway…


Suppose not quite as scary as the prospect of UKIP’s leader running in the Stoke Central by-election – my constituency. Yeah, I’m going to get political in this thing. Hooray.

Fuck UKIP.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday.






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