January 20th. Or, as is known in America, Inauguration Day.

The world, as of writing this blog, seems to be intact. So it’s not quite the end of the world.


I’m intrigued to see how it pans out with Donald John (lol – of all the things the J could stand for, it’s John. It’s like Homer J. Simpson all over again.) Trump leading the USA as their glorious leader. I thought it’d be Hillary Clinton but I was wrong. Then again, I’m no expert on American Politics.

Nor am I an expert on British Politics, come to think of it…

Enough of politics. For now.


I’ve finally finished off The Last of Us.

Well, I say finally, it’s not like I’ve been playing it for months and getting constantly stuck.

Very, very good game. Fully deserving of the bajillion awards it got when it came out. I’ll definitely be putting out a blog about it over the next few days whilst it’s all still fresh in my mind.

Reckon it’s done enough to sit somewhere in my Top Ten Video Games list. Quite high up as well. Again, that’s something for the near future when I feel like writing that up…

I’ve also bought Life is Strange for the fourth time. (Digitally on the Xbox One, physical Limited Edition on the Xbox One, PC – even though my laptop is incapable of running it…eventually, when I upgrade, that might be able to cope – and now PS4). Yeah, I kinda love that game.

Also I want to get some trophies…

Anyway, enough yapping for today.

Here’s to a weekend of winning millions on the football.

Or a few quid.

Or nothing.




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