Saturday can only mean disappointment in football and, as usual, it never fails to deliver as Crewe Alexandra slump to another defeat.

Having predicted a 3-1 loss on Twitter prior to kick-off, I can only say I’m sad that I never had a bet on that being the scoreline – least I’d have profited from the disappointment.

On the plus side, I did have a winner on the football bets! Nice little 25/1 winner (would have been more but for a postponed game…though, saying that, perhaps it would have been another loser if that game had been played.)

Followed that up with another win in the later games as well, winning £35 from a trio of bets. Good day all around…for once.

Also came agonisingly close to a 35/1 coming in as well.

Cheers Sheffield United.

They’re now sat amongst many others on the list – which is now over £700 lost out on due to the failure of one team. Man, that money would have been nice.


Went to the gym this morning but wasn’t feeling 100% due to my ankle hurting. So, to make that better, I took a massive detour on the way home and walked down the canal for no apparent reason other than I hadn’t done it before. Living life, man.

Turns out that if I ended up walking on the path, I’d have ended up in the Peak District. That would have been eventful…and tiring. Thankfully I didn’t.

Did come across some abandoned train tracks that I never knew about before. Bet it’d be cool to follow them to see where they go…

Anyway, enough of Tom the Explorer for one day.

Continued playing the expansion thing of The Last of Us and finding that really interesting; think I’ll save writing about the whole game until I have completed “Left Behind”. It seems like there’s something good going to happen in it – or it at least deserves to be written about.

This has actually been quite wordy for once…

Don’t expect this all the time.





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