Saturday 28th January.

The Day After…Friday 27th January. Which isn’t exactly a significant day – sorry bro, know it’s your birthday and all but…yeah. But it’s just another day, the twenty seventh day of a new year.

No I have no idea where that is going. So it’s going nowhere else.

Anyway, Saturday. Football day.

Disappointment again for Crewe. But not bad disappointment, just disappointing disappointment that they couldn’t get anything from a game they appeared to have dominated – so many opportunities, none taken. Bummer.

Onto next game, I suppose. Hopefully pick up some wins before too long because the bottom two spots seem to be creeping ever closer…too early to talk about relegation but it might be a possibility before too long if things don’t improve.

Had a couple of bets on the football last night and was let down by 1 leg on all 3 – costing me a fair bit of money in return. Then, today, I saw two more bets let down by 1 leg/team (cheers Peterborough and Atletico Madrid). 5 bets over 2 days…would have got me back almost £100. Gutting.

No wins to report back. Shame, can’t win them all I guess…

Received my next PS4 games to tackle today – went with the Heavy Rain/Beyond Two Souls double pack. Never played either game before and heard mixed reviews on both…only way to make an informed opinion on how good they are is to actually play them myself. Which is what I’ll do.

Might even blog about them.

Speaking of the blog, got a new header today – knocked up in Paint.net (’cause I’m too cheap to buy Photoshop…and cracking is illegal, and bad. And wrong.). Nothing special but better than some generic WordPress-provided picture.

Also been working on another Top 10 – have been for the past couple of nights but been hit by writers block on parts. Maybe those walls will be smashed tonight. We’ll see.

Until then though, hoping NXT Takeover is good tonight. Not saying I’ve gone off NXT recently but, I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem as “must watch” as it has been in the past…hopefully tonight delivers and I won’t be too irked about missing out on so much sleep.




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