Tom’s Takes: NXT Takeover: San Antonio

NXT Takeover: San Antonio was last night. Things happened and here is Tom to give his takes on all those things and whatever else. Tom’s Takes…here. we. go.

Another new Category for you all to read as Tom’s Takes bring you my thoughts and feelings about stuff. Most likely sports things. Like Wrestling. Which I kinda like. So, yay, more reading.

So, I am a big fan of the WWE’s NXT brand and have been for a while – the Takeover events always seem worth missing out on sleep for. Was hoping that this one wouldn’t be any different but the five matches on the card weren’t exactly the strongest line-up they’ve ever had for a Takeover event.

In fact, before the event started we were hit with the news on the pre-show that Corey Graves is no longer going to commentate on the weekly NXT show or on future Takeover events; given his increased role with commentating both WWE Raw and 205 Live, it makes sense. Seriously going to miss his and Tom Phillips’ exchanges on commentary…who knows, if the rumours are true and Tom may one day take over from Michael Cole, we might get it back again.

They’ve got a decent replacement for Corey though as Nigel McGuinness is going to take over commentary duties. Now, if only they could bin off Percy Watson, that would be great…

Onto Takeover though. Going to go match-by-match with my thoughts on them…

Eric Young vs. Tye Dillinger

This one was always going to be an uphill struggle for Tye Dillinger given Eric Young was accompanied by fellow ‘Sanity’ members, the one formerly known as “Big Damo” and Alexander Wolfe. Who remains the #2 Wolfe in wrestling history, behind Desmond.

Dillinger is ridiculously over and I can imagine the pop from the crowd if he enters the Royal Rumble tonight at number 10. I can also imagine WWE being massive dicks and have someone like Baron Corbin come out at 10 instead…then Dillinger shows up at 11. Or never.

The match was nothing special as the numbers game got to Dillinger eventually, allowing for Young to hit his finisher – picking up Dillinger from the outside of the ring, quite impressive actually – and pick up the win. Not unexpected, really.

Roderick Strong vs. Andrade Almas

I’ve heard of Roderick Strong, and seen a few of his matches before, and have to say I’m not overly impressed. In fact, since he debuted in NXT, I can’t even remember him having a memorable match.

Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas on the other hand, I really like. But I don’t like how he has been used so far in NXT since he debuted. Came in as a face, got little reaction from the crowd. Turned heel, gets barely any reaction from the crowd. He’s clearly talented but seems so far from the ‘La Sombra’ character he used to portray, has so much more in his repertoire. Maybe we’ll see it one day?

The match was an improvement over the opener (not that that is saying much) but, still, lacked something. Good but not great. Not memorable in the slightest. Please NXT, do something with Almas…

#DIY vs. The Authors of Pain – NXT Tag Team Championship

My match of the night. Prestigious award, that.

A very good tag-team matchup. One which delivered what I thought it might – did think DIY would retain but I don’t hate them putting the belts around the waists of The Authors of Pain. In fact, it might open the door for a DIY break-up and allow Johnny Gargano to move into singles action…

#DIY are a really good tag-team and made it look as though they might actually upset the odds and see off their much larger foes. Authors of Pain aren’t anything special in the ring but do seem to be improving over time – interested to see what they do now they’re champions…and see off DIY in their rematch; go on an Ascension-like tear through the division? Drop the belts to the #topguys (The Revival, obv.)?

Lose to someone else…although, saying that, who else is there? Now TM61 are on the shelf owing to the injury to Shane Thorne, the NXT Tag division looks weak right now…


Not on the card but to further this feud he has with HHH, Seth Rollins turns up and tries to takeover Takeover until he gets Trips in the ring. One of those surprise moments you get from WWE…sadly it was all a bit anti-climactic though as HHH comes out, goes back and security come out to escort Seth out the arena. Save that for Wrestlemania then…

Asuka vs. Nikki Cross vs. Peyton Royce vs. Billie Kay – NXT Women’s Championship

One division that doesn’t look weak right now is the Women’s division – there are these four, plus the likes of Liv Morgan, Ember Moon and multiple others in developmental. Perhaps not quite at ‘Four Horsewoman’-like levels but certainly a bright future ahead for the division.

I thought this might be a really good match and it was OK. It had its moments, including Billie and Peyton putting Cross through a table and taking her out of the match. But the finish I thought was a bit lame. Not meaning Asuka retaining is ‘lame’, far from it, but it was all a bit meh.


Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Bobby Roode – NXT Championship

I’ll get this out the way early – injury angles in Championship matches are awful. It wasn’t quite as bad as the NXT Takeover Dallas main event where Samoa Joe got busted open and threw off the whole match, but it wasn’t far behind. Can I really compare legit injuries to fake ones though? Probably not, but here we are.

Must also add, I hate the “Glorious” schtick from Bobby Roooooooooooooo. Obviously in the minority but I genuinely think it’s awful. Oh, you wear a suit and nice shoes? Well, yeah, didn’t you do that in TNA as well…same shit, different brand. Irritating.

Also, Shinsuke once again loses the belt. I don’t think there’s another tour of Japan scheduled in the near-future, so I guess he won’t be winning that back any time soon. So, we’re stuck with the worst NXT Champion since Bo Dallas (though, in saying that, I wasn’t overly keen on Samoa Joe either. I’m a hard guy to please.)

The match had its moments but, again – as seems to be a running theme on this show – a sense of disappointment throughout the match. Didn’t enjoy it that much…but, also, the amount of times my Network feed stopped and started during it obviously didn’t help matters.

Overall, a disappointing NXT Takeover event.

Hopefully Wrestlemania weekend’s one is much better…




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