The penultimate day of January…not exactly that exciting, but it’s a thing isn’t it?

Struggle today given the decision to stay up for the Royal Rumble event…no worries, only got the Superbowl next Sunday to rob me of yet more sleep. Might have a blog on the Rumble later tonight, depending on whether it’s written or not.

Also finally began playing Heavy Rain. The controls are awful but the game looks nice and seems like it might be worth playing. Hope I haven’t already sussed out the ending, would be a bit disappointing if that is what happens. We’ll see.

Finally, next door’s house is now up for sale. Got a spare £50k in the bank? Excellent, come buy it and be my new next door neighbour. Anyone would be an improvement on the last one…as long as they also don’t try burning the house down.

Not much else to write home about today…so I’m off.





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