Welcome to February.

Interesting statistic I found out today – January, I did 308,621 steps. Averaging just under 10k a day, which is decent. Totaled 120 miles as well, which would get me to the outskirts of London. Exciting.

So, what have I done for the start of February? Well, as of yet, nothing much. Starting to get more into Heavy Rain the more I play it – still think the controls suck (but getting more used to it) but the rest of the game is superb; loving the different characters you get to control. Don’t think I’m anywhere near the end yet, which is good.

In amongst last night’s successful bet win (not much but it’ll pay for bets for this weekend, so that’s fine by me) was perhaps my worst attempt of a bet – all but one lost their games. And they lost badly vs. weaker teams. Ugh.

So, here’s to a good February.



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