Friday 3rd February.

Still don’t love Friday tbh. Not like most people.

Finished Heavy Rain last night and…damn…I didn’t see that twist. Also didn’t like my ending, because killing the main character at the end is silly. I want happy endings, damn it!

Apparently there are lots and lots of different endings to the game though, so I’m going to be replaying it again to see if I can get a better ending. I really liked the game though, even began writing up my ‘Tom Plays’ article on it. Might strive to get that on here sometime this weekend.

Moved onto Part 2 of the 2-disc set I got and now starting ‘Beyond Two Souls’ – another game that sounds intriguing. Always had a thing for Ellen Page (yeah, I know she’s gay but that’s not a problem) so the fact she’s in this game should only heighten my enjoyment. Played an hour or so before and I’m already hooked…even though it does seem strange the order in which events are happening.

I feel like all I talk about in these daily blogs are games and sometimes sports. Need new hobbies that are fun and interesting to write about…I mean nobody cares for gym talk do they?

Hard life, man.





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