It’s Saturday, Saturday, Gotta get down on Saturday…

Or something like that.

Starting to hate Saturday again because of football. Bets were nowhere near (best was 2 goals away, cheers Derby and Portsmouth) and Crewe continue to suck. Still too early to talk about relegation but it’s becoming an increasing possibility, 21st in the L2 table. Fuck.

Today also saw the start of the Six Nations. Probably the only time I ever watch rugby and even then it’s only when England are on. I would get into rugby more but I don’t have any link to any team and watching sports as a neutral is nowhere near as fun. Always have to have someone you want to win.

Continued to plough through ‘Beyond Two Souls’ – switching from past to present to somewhere inbetween with each scenario is hella confusing. Starting to think I should have used the option to play it chronologically…

Also picked up ‘No Mans Sky’ to see if it’s as bad as people say/something I might enjoy just dicking around on for a few hours or so here and there. Some say it wasn’t worth the full price it was at launch but now it’s down to £12-15 in places, that’s much more closer to its value. Then again, people also say Life is Strange sucks…so what do people know?

This seems to have gone on for a bit longer than usual.




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