One of the worst things about being a NFL fan in the UK is the ungodly times you stay up to to watch either your team or big games like last night’s Superbowl – yes, nobody forced me to stay up to watch it, but I stayed up on my own free will because I enjoy it. Why would anyone watch a sport they don’t like just to complain about it? But, you know, people do. Weirdos.

So, last night’s Superbowl was something wasn’t it? Looked over at half-time with the Atlanta Falcons up big before they choked it away in the second half, allowed the Patriots to draw level and then win in overtime. A comeback for the ages!

A 4am finish thanks to it going to Overtime wasn’t ideal. Nor was the fact I was up again after just a few short hours of sleep, so I’m pretty dead today. Not that that stopped me from a Monday morning session at the gym – finally seem to have conquered the cross-trainer machine. Always felt weird when I’ve used it in the past but seem to have it figured out now. Beats just using the bike for cardio stuff.

Too much gym talk…

Back to the usual stuff of games…and, yes, I’ve still got things to do on Beyond Two Souls. Not sure if I’m bothered by the pronunciation of Aiden in it – Ay-den??? Nah, it’s A-den…damn Americans. Or maybe I’m wrong?

Nah. Don’t be silly.

Good game though. I look forward to writing about it…and will try not to continually profess my love for Ellen Page.


Until then…




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