Posted a few weeks ago that I was going to learn how to play the guitar. Well, since then, I have done zero work to actually begin that process. Though I did re-string and re-tune the damn thing, so that counts for something…right?

That is until today. I began learning again. Because all those years at school, college and university haven’t put me off learning completely. Picking up basic ‘chords’ – look at me, I’m already an expert in the lingo. Radical.

Sad news to report, I can no longer talk about Beyond Two Souls after this point as I completed the final sections/chapters today. I am actually gutted it is over. Genuinely moved by the final closing scenes and decisions in the game. Will, naturally, blog about it in another “Tom Plays” but I need to add this game to the list of excellent games I have played.

Moving onto ‘No Man’s Sky’ to see what that is like. Might play tonight before I go to sleep, may leave it ’til tomorrow if I find some time to boot up the PS4. Exciting.

For now though, that’s my blog for today.

Until tomorrow…or later if I get another one written up. Doubtful, but you never know.




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