Thursday, y’all.

That means nothing. Just another day.

I mean, there’s stuff that happened today – just like there is that happens every day, so I guess I’d better write something instead of waffling on about nothing.

So Thursday was another day which I ventured to the gym – definitely sticking to the “at least 4 times a week” thing I set myself at the start of the year, in fact some weeks I’m surpassing it, so that’s cool. Having not used the cross-trainer before a few days ago, today I managed 25 minutes on the thing…progress.

Spent the last hour or so before writing this catching up last night’s NXT episode, didn’t last the full hour because I skipped the Bobby Roode promo thing and the main event – No Way Jose and Roderick Strong was enough to turn off. Next week sounds better with Tyler Bate/Trent Seven facing off for the UK Title. Also have to add that I really enjoyed hearing Nigel McGuinness on commentary again, already an improvement over Percy Watson…not that that takes much, or is much of a compliment. But he’s bad.

Got some new series to check out tonight, Legion. Looks interesting. Also has Aubrey Plaza in it, so that’s a plus in my eyes.

From the looks of things, my TV watching is going to pick up again over the next few weeks with shows returning from Christmas holidays – The Walking Dead’s back soon, think Gotham and Supergirl are as well (have to check them out) and there’s Nashville as always…and 24:Legacy has started and is off to a typically tremendous start.

Good times, man.



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