Did you know there’s now only 324 days left in 2017? Well, you do now. Though, saying that, simple mathematics would have given you that information should you have wished to know such a thing.

Alas, today is Friday. The end of the week. The start of the weekend. The day of the week made famous by the infamous Rebecca Black song. Before that, it was a nothing day.

I’m rambling on.

You know why that is? It’s because I’ve got nothing to talk about again.

I mean, I started on No Man’s Sky finally and have managed to escape the first planet. Don’t know what to make of the game just yet, might figure that out over the weekend. Doesn’t look too bad a game though.

Anyway, I’ve got last night’s Nashville to catch up on…yeah, I can’t be bothered waiting for Sky Living to catch up and allow me to watch in HD. Also got Legion to watch and get confused by, probably.

So I’ll be off…



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