Today’s one of those days I wished I would go to football a bit more (or, you know, ever) as, at long last, Crewe finally got a win on the board as they massacred a poor Grimsby Town side. Good stuff. 5-0…I think I’ll actually watch Channel 5’s highlights show tonight.

Came annoyingly close to a couple of winning bets – needed a Peterborough goal for my small odds “if it wins, it pays for future bets” bet to come in…was a Leeds win away from a 40/1 winner (they lost 2-0 to Cardiff. FFS.)…and then I was just 4 goals away from a 20-fold O1.5 bet coming in; that was for £260. Lame.

Following on from that sport, I settled down to watch the Wales/England game in the Six Nations. Arguably one of the best rugby matches I’ve seen…not that I have much for comparison, but, yeah. Superb game and, to make things even better, England won in the dying minutes. Lovely.

Made a bit more progress on No Man’s Sky. Seems like one of those games where you can dick around to a certain extent – example, all I did today when I was on was mining some expensive materials and then sold them. Just to make hella cash. Probably silly but oh well, I’m rich.

At least in a virtual world…

Now, I’ve got some more writing to do tonight. Might have another Top Ten finished, we shall see…or I could finish of my Tom Plays about Beyond Two Souls. Beats watching TV.

So fire up Spotify and see what’s what…




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