February 14th…

It’s that day of the year, again.

Apparently it’s a big deal.

No idea why.


So, WWE Monday Night Raw was good last night; the #FestivalOfFriendship segment with Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho was excellent but, considering I’d already seen what happened, not surprising. No doubt the Wrestlemania plans for those two are set…

Another action-packed episode of 24:Legacy watched. Really good start to the series, so many questions already…starts tomorrow night over here but will be 2/3 episodes behind, which sucks. Also found out that Supergirl was back last night as well so I’ve got that loaded up and ready to watch once I have wrote this.

The Walking Dead was back last night as well, enjoyed that and am looking forward to the second half of this season.

Enough TV talk, I bet you want to hear about games. Continued with No Man’s Sky, progressing nicely as I fly from planet to planet gathering up shit and selling it. Mad money, man. If only I had things to spend it on…

Anyway, I’m off to be sad that this was another night of football bets that I didn’t win any money on…they looked good at HT but, sadly, not to be. Oh well, at least Crewe won again so not all bad news.

Until tomorrow.



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