You can please all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you can’t please all the people all the time.

One of my favourite sayings in life, that.

Don’t know why I brought it up but I did and it’s in this blog…so…yeah.


Next week the people of Stoke Central, of which I am one, get to vote in the by-election. If they can be arsed. Which I can. Because you can’t moan about politics if you don’t vote – well, you can, but you have no leg to stand on because you’re too lazy to go to a polling station, put a cross in a box and have your vote count.

As long as UKIP doesn’t win, I’m happy. (My vote is for Labour which, given I am a member of the party, is no surprise.)

Spent part of today doing something different – trying my hand at creating a logo for the British Birdgang thing that I run. Been wanting to do one for ages, finally got my backside into gear and began work on it today.

Not the easiest of things to do, especially without a mouse; a computer one, not the furry animal thing. Happy with my first effort but no where near the finished article yet. Plus I’m learning about how to do this type of thing whilst actually doing it – like an apprenticeship, but not shit…and not slave labour. Fun.

Whilst doing that, I was also continuing my quest through the galaxies on No Mans Sky. Built a base, got a builder and a scientist…and can now get a weapons person but need some more plutonium. Good job there’s none anywhere near my base then…so I’ve got to walk for god knows how long to find some. Glorious.

Ugh, that brings me onto NXT. Stupid glorious.

Good episode this week, particularly enjoyed the Tyler Bate/Trent Seven main event. The women’s tag-team match was also good and looking forward to the Liv Morgan/Ember Moon/Peyton Royce triple-threat next week…but, wait a minute, why not Billie Kay? Silly.

I’ve gone on too long for today…for once.

I apologise.

Tomorrow I’ll give it 10 words or something.





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