It’s Friday.


Like it was this time last week…and what it will be this time next week.

Don’t do much on a Friday. (Could say the same for the other 6 days of the week tbh).

As such, not got much to write about today.

Started playing Pokemon Go again because there’s been a big update adding in some Gen 2 mons. Already caught 10% of the new ones, probably more now. Got bored of the game and stopped playing it, no doubt it’ll happen again in a few weeks time…

Noticed that FF7 is on offer on the PS Store. Tempted to buy it just for the memories and nostalgia ahead of the remake coming out whenever that is. Probably will buy it because I’m silly like that.

Plus I’ll get a nice looking theme that may or may not replace the Life is Strange one I’m currently using.

Yeah, I’m still not over that game.

And I’m yet to even start it on the PS4.

Maybe I will some day…

Bring all the emotion back.


Until tomorrow, I’m done.




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