Sunday the nineteenth of February was today.

Sunday, again, a day where I don’t do much. So, there’s not much on here…probably.

Sunday, the day which I finally caved in and bought Final Fantasy 7 for the PS4.

Have to say, I love the theme you get with the game when you download it – you’re damn right I’ve installed that straight away. Background is a bit lame but it has FF sound effects when flicking through the options AND a version of Aeris’ Theme playing non-stop. I’d say it’s better than the game.

I jumped straight back into the game as well and I am liking the 3x speed and ‘instant Limit Break’ boosts you can activate. Already played the game before, don’t need to sit through everything for the 42nd time. Is it cheating? Yeah, but oh well.

The music is still incredible. Best game soundtrack ever?

Whilst you debate that, I’m off.



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