Tuesday 21st February.

AKA just another day.

A day closer to the by-election voting day. Exciting.

A day closer to the end of the month. Exciting.

A day closer to the end of the world. Erm…

Finally did something I had never, ever done before in a Final Fantasy 7 playthrough. I managed to unlock Aeris’ final Limit Break for the first time ever – given the boosts in this PS4 version, it’s not like it’s useful.

But, still, I did it and I got a trophy. Decent.

Usually I end up going too quickly to The Temple of the Ancients and so lose the only opportunity to get it. Given that’s the last time she is in the party before that horrible thing happens.

FF7. Still doing different things, even after 20 years!

Reckon that’ll keep me going until next week when Horizon: Zero Dawn comes out. 99% sure I’ll get it on pre-order. Looks like a really good game and it has the added bonus of Chloe Prices’ voice artist doing the voice of the main character.

So I can get flashbacks to Life is Strange…

Anyhoo, time to leave this blog for today. Got a couple of bets on for tonight’s football matches, see if one of them can come in and give me a winner.

Good luck me.



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