Storm Doris hit today. Leaving destruction in her path as wheelie bins were blown over, fences were destroyed and branches hit me in the head. True story.

Not ideal when it’s raining when you’re on your way out and then, as soon as you get to your destination, it stops raining and you’re piss wet through. Typical.

Cast my vote in the Stoke By-election today. Be surprised if there was an above 50% turnout, especially with the wet and windy weather. Sad that that keeps people from going out and having their say but, hey, you can’t force people…I guess…

Hoping that I wake tomorrow to news that we don’t have Paul Nuttall as our new MP but, considering Stoke-on-Trent voted massively for Leave during the Brexit vote, I wouldn’t be surprised if they also vote for UKIP and give that horrible man what he wants.

On a more positive note, Thursday means I get to watch NXT from Wednesday night – highlighted once again by an incredible matchup between 2 UK competitors as Pete Dunne and Mark Andrews put on a show. Also enjoyed the women’s triple threat match but they really don’t want to put Ember Moon vs. Asuka just yet do they? Wrestlemania weekend, then? Maybe.

Continued on my quest to complete FF7. Not got too much left to do but, with these boosts on the PS4 version, I might actually beat all of the Weapons for the first time ever. Cheats, yeah, but oh well. Trophies.

That soundtrack though. I don’t think any game has ever come close to having such a great original soundtrack as Final Fantasy 7.

Might have it finished off before Horizon: Zero Dawn comes out. If not, it’ll be on the shelf as I go all in on that. Looks and sounds like an incredible game…can’t wait to play it. Same with Mass Effect; Andromeda.

The March video game hype is real.

Won’t do much for these blogs though I guess…oh well.

Until tomorrow.



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