Me and political votes haven’t had the best of times in recent times…

Went to bed on the 23rd of June thinking the UK will vote to stay in the EU. Leave won.

Went to bed on the 8th of November thinking Clinton would win in the US. Trump won.

So, going to bed on the 23rd of February. Hoping for Gareth Snell and Labour to retain Stoke Central. Surely it wasn’t going to be third time unlucky and I’ll wake to the news that Paul Nuttall was now my MP.

Thankfully that wasn’t the case. In fact, I knew already before waking up as I woke up at 2.30am and checked to see if the result was in already – given the piss-poor turnout, no surprise it was already known and I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Didn’t want Eddie from Bottom being the representative for this area.

I feel like I’ve spoken too much on politics for today. So, in final, Paul Nuttall…LOL.

So, something different today.

Was out walking the dog over at Forest Park this afternoon when I came across a phone on the floor. Naturally I picked it up, to see if there was any indication as to who it belonged to. Obviously belonged to a child given the case it was in and the wallpaper – probably (well, it was a kids so my senses were correct.)

No help there so looked in the contacts and got in touch with the contacts. Arranged for the person’s father to come and get the phone off of me – but then I overheard a conversation between some people and a member of staff at the kiosk there.

(Had I not been able to get in contact with anyone, I’d have simply handed it into the kiosk and hope that the person who lost it would have been sensible enough to go there and ask if someone had handed it in. On the off chance it wasn’t found by some smackhead.)

So I went up and turned out it belonged to them. Gave it back to them, received thanks from them and that was that. I went off to walk the dog.

Had someone else picked it up, it could have been a totally different story. Proceeds of the phone sale to some dodgy geezer might now be being spent on drugs or booze.

Least there’s still decent people in the

My good deed for the day.

Hopefully I get some good karma in return with my football bets this week…


Well, that’ll do for today.



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