Saturday, innit.

Forgot to set my alarm this morning which wasn’t a good idea – made me late for the gym. Still went but behind schedule. Lame.

Speaking of the gym, getting used to these 30+ minute sessions on the cross-trainer as I managed my second full one of the week today. Probably need to crank it up further. That’s the extent of my gym talk for today. Because it’s kinda boring.

Continued my FF7 quest in the short time I had to do so before football started – managed to earn a couple more trophies in the process; one for getting Vincent’s final Limit Break, another for mastering a materia to L5 and also another for defeating Ultimate Weapon. Just that annoying Emerald and Ruby things to go then…eventually I’ll do it when they don’t one-hit kill my guys. Still a problem, even with “God Mode”.

Anyway, speaking of video games – had an email from ShopTo at 11.15pm last night to say they had charged me for my Horizon: Zero Dawn pre-order. I mean, who’s up at that time processing these things? That should mean it’ll be sent out Monday for delivery (hopefully) on Tuesday…day before release date.

Then I can get cracking on what looks like an exceptional game…can’t wait.

Finally for today, Saturday = football bets day. Came just 1 goal short of winning a small amount on last night’s games…needed 1 more goal in the Las Palmas/Sociedad game, typical it finished 1-0.

Today was another case of close but no cigar. Just 2 goals short of my ‘Overs’ bet coming in – needed another goal in the Charlton/Bury and Aston Villa/Derby games for £70. Disappointing.

Added another team to my list today as there was one team that let me down – my own side, Crewe. Lesson learned, never bet on your team. Appeared on my list earlier this season when they lost 2-0 to Crawley, today they appeared for losing 2-1 to Stevenage.

Disappointing result but, thankfully, the teams below also failed to do anything so there’s still a little gap between them and the relegation zone. Big game on Tuesday vs. Hartlepool – which also means more betting to do, definitely avoiding Crewe.

At least to win.

Anyway, this has gone on a bit today…




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