Turned into a day of watching sports today – firstly enjoying a rare football game on the TV (don’t have Sky so when I usually watch football, it’s on some dodgy internet stream) as Tottenham Hotspur beat Stoke 4-0.

Don’t really have a favourite Premiership side but, if I did, it might be Spurs. Mainly because of Harry Kane. Funny how people thought he’d be a one-season wonder and now, here he is, on the way to having 3 successive 20+ seasons in the Premier League.

England need to build their team round him…and Dele Alli…and Eric Dier…and Kyle Walker. See, it’s hard not to like Tottenham when they have so much English talent on their books.

Did miss the last 15 or so minutes of the game as the Six Nations game started before it had finished and, given it was England, I wanted to watch. Plus the game was well over before then anyway.

Fun game of Rugby. Some different tactics from Italy saw them go in at HT with the lead before England came out in the 2nd half and did what everyone would have expected and won the game comfortably.

Another break before it’s England vs. Scotland. That’ll be fun.

So will the end of this blog.

Which is now.




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