Penultimate day of February, don’t you know?

AKA Monday 27th February.

Last week I was more active than 98% of Stoke-on-Trent with nearly 100,000 recorded steps. Bloody hell. Wonder what I’d need to be a one percenter…maybe I’ll find out one week when I’m ridiculously active.

Like when I take up running. Which seems the next logical step once I’ve got some semblance of fitness back (he says as if he’s ever had any, ever) – which could be soon given I managed another 30 minute + 5 minute ‘cool down’ session on the cross-trainer this morning. Decent stuff.

Again, boring gym stuff.


That’s all I have for today…well, besides another FF7 update as I now have Yuffie’s final Limit Break to the collection; believe I’ve now only got to get Barrett’s, Cid’s and Red XIII…the latter one is still on L1, so that’ll take forever.

Ah well, it might have to wait. Especially if Horizon: Zero Dawn turns up.

So, yeah, I’m done for today.

L8rs, pot8ers.




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