28th February. AKA Pancake Day.

I made the mistake of having pancakes for breakfast. Not exactly a nutritious start to the day…but, oh well. YOLO and all that.

Not a good idea going to the gym afterwards though. Definitely not going to do that in future ever again.

On more positive news, Horizon: Zero Dawn came today. A day early. As usual. Cheers ShopTo you absolute legends.

The game is incredible…and I’ve only played it for 90-ish minutes. Looks amazing even on my cheapass HDTV and regular, bog standard PS4 console.

Already considering a lack of sleep tonight just to play on the game a bit more today. Probably will end up doing that because I’m stupid.

No doubt I’ll have a post on this blog when I’ve actually completed the game. Whenever that will be. Seems massive and there’s shitloads of things to do – example, I’ve just been trying to get a spear back from one of the mechanical beings in the game. First time I tried, I ended up dying – guess I’ll have to try a different tactic next time.

Early impressions are that it fully deserves the hype. Hopefully it carries on like this all the way through.

Anyway, I’d best be off as I’ve got some TV shows to watch – speaking of which, I probably found the moment on The Walking Dead where Negan threw the Doctor into a fire funnier than I should have done last night. Hilarious.

Tonight I think there’s an episode of 24 Legacy with my name on. And Supergirl.

Watch them and hope I can get a winner on the Tuesday night football…seems like a good plan.

Let’s do it then.




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