We’re into the 3rd month of the year already?

God damn.

Doesn’t seem like a couple of weeks ago that I set about blogging on a daily basis. Kinda surprising I’ve kept up with it – though, let’s be honest, there’s not been that many really good ones…

Also kept up with the gym going. 23/28 visits in February, good stuff. Over 350k recorded steps in the month as well – an increase over 50k from January and that was in less days as well. Progress.

So, March. Got a few things to look forward to this month – mainly the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda later this month. Also Horizon Zero Dawn; that technically came out in March but I got mine yesterday…so…

Speaking of which, it continues to impress me as I played a load more last night and today; story progressing nicely, already had some shock moments in it  and been finding plenty of variety in the sub-quests you can choose to ignore or do.

Loads left to do. Great seeing so many positive reviews of the game as well – definitely an early contender for Game of the Year.

So, that’s it for today.




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