Day 2 of March…

Thursday is just a pointless day isn’t it? What even happens on a Thursday? There’s nothing good on TV…there’s nothing. Nothing at all good about Thursday.

Tomorrow sees the Nintendo Switch come out. I won’t be buying one just yet – for one I’ve got Cardinals tickets to save for at the end of next month, they won’t be cheap. Nor would another games console.

Granted the new Legend of Zelda game looks and sounds phenomenal – possibly worth buying a console just for that game tbh. Thought Horizon Zero Dawn was getting some incredible reviews…but then Breath of the Wild is now surpassing them.

Do enjoy LoZ games when I’ve played them – in fact, Wind Waker made it onto my Top Ten Video Games (shameless plug). I so, so want to play the new one but it’d be silly to buy a console just to play it wouldn’t it?

Someone come take my computer off me and my debit card away so that I can’t go and get one spontaneously.

Anyway, even if I did get one, I wouldn’t be able to take myself away from playing Horizon Zero Dawn. Played it a bit more today and didn’t even bother messing with the main story quests I’ve got waiting to do as I was side-tracked by side-quests and generally just exploring random places I’d come across.

Plus talking to everyone I possibly could and for as long as possible.

Just so I could listen to Ashly Burch’s voice.

So good.

Reminds me of Life is Strange and Chloe Price. Shame she’s not an unlockable character in this…that would have been hella awesome.


Anyway, I’m done for today.

Tomorrow is Friday…so, yah…




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