Friday 3rd March.

The day before the weekend…

More Horizon Zero Dawn played, of course. Thinking of heading to Meridian (City?) but still got plenty to do in the first area you’re in – clearing out bandit camps is pretty fun but I wonder if it’ll get a bit boring ’cause they all seem to be the same type of thing. Maybe there’s some variety elsewhere…if not, no big deal.

Saturday tomorrow. Not expecting much from the football as Crewe are away to Portsmouth; I’ve stopped short of betting for them to lose but, shit, it’s going to be a tough afternoon against one of the best sides in the league.

Considering joining the Hanley Park ‘Parkrun’ tomorrow morning instead of going to the gym. 5km run. Fuck knows how long that’d take…forever, probably.

Will sleep on it and maybe get up even earlier to ensure I get there for 9am.


See if I do tomorrow in this blog then. Probably.



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