I won’t admit defeat ’til Saturday, Saturday, Saturday.

It’s not one of my better days.

Kudos to anyone who knows the song that’s from.

So, Saturday.

I was planning on going to the Hanley Park Parkrun this morning but, owing to the terrible weather we have had recently, it was cancelled as part of the course was submerged in pond water.

Ideal if you’re planning on training to run a triathlon, sure. But I’m not there…yet…if ever.

So that idea is on the backburner for today at least. But it’ll hopefully be going again next Saturday so I guess I shall make my debut then.

Spent the afternoon (prior to football starting) continuing to play Horizon Zero Dawn. It’s an excellent game, don’t you know? Managed to beat my first “cauldron” – which to the uninitiated, is basically some massive metal factory. Beat it and over-ride it and it allows you to take over many more metal demons in the game, so you can ride them around I would assume.

Sabretooth things are no longer the bane of my existence in the game. There seem to be many worse things out in the wild. Brilliant.

Onto the football and a surprise today as Crewe somehow came away from Portsmouth with 3 points! Perhaps even more surprising was me WINNING AN ACTUAL FOOTBALL BET! OK, wasn’t that much but it’ll pay for something…or go on more bets. Came close to another winner but had 2 sides let me down.

Crewe though.


Phenomenal result.

Anyway, I best be off. I’ve got other things to write…




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