Weather is annoying.

Get up and head out and it’s bloody raining and also snowing a little bit. Ridiculous stuff.

2016 Tom would have stayed in and played video games for the day. 2017 Tom goes out to the gym in all weathers, regardless. He’s a bit of an idiot.

Anyway, my Sunday has been typically uneventful. As usual.

Went out. Got wet.
Went gym. Got wetter.
Came back. Got wetterer.
Showered. Got wetterererer.

You get the gist?

Did some writing for my other blog – feel free to check it out here. If you’re interested in NFL, you might like it. If you don’t, you probably won’t. (No, you definitely won’t.)

More HZD played. More progress made as I took out another bandit camp. Tougher enemies in this one, probably be easier to take down if I was higher level – 21 at the moment which, given where I am in the game, is probably decent.

As I say though, it’s easy to get side-tracked in this game. You can just dick around doing nothing for ages.

Anyway, time to go. Robot Wars is on soon.

Plus I’ve still not watched this week’s Nashville. Terrible of me. (I think there was a new episode. Better have been.)

Until tomorrow…




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