As if there’s only 300 days left in 2017.

Threehundred days. Man. Mind blown.

Anyway, Monday.

There was a WWE PPV last night but, from the sounds of things, it was terrible and so I have not gone out of my way to try and watch it. A 21 second main event? The fuck is this? UFC?

Least it’s on to Wrestlemania now. Least that should mean things will get good – or, in the case of Smackdown Live, just continue to get better each week.

Anyhow, enough wrestling.

Took down my toughest enemy to date in Horizon Zero Dawn and finally walked to Meridian.

Still nowhere near completing the game…and I’m fine with that.

Keeps me from picking up any other games in the meantime. Heck, maybe Mass Effect: Andromeda will have to wait after all…and Persona 5…

Monday means The Walking Dead so wrapping this shit up before that comes on.



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