Sunday 12th March.

That Bon Pan buffet/restaurant thing in Hanley is the devil. Even worse on a Saturday night when it’s full of kids. The food is good though and therein lies the problem, it’s so easy to stuff yourself with food. Still felt bad this morning…but, yes, still went to the gym to try and burn that shit off. Did it work? Who knows.

So, yeah, Sunday is a typically lazy day. Outside of going to the gym this morning and then walking the dog in the afternoon for a bit – yeah, I also hate Forest Park at the weekends as that is also full of kids.

Yeah, I think I dislike children of all shapes and sizes.

Continued to play through Horizon Zero Dawn and, at last, I know what “Zero Dawn” is. Sort of. Been avoiding the main quest a little as I want to do loads and loads of the side quests first and get them completed as and when possible. Even went back to the start having remembered where it is

Bloody beautiful game though. As evidenced by the screenshots I’ve been taking in the Photo Mode. If I wasn’t lazy, I’d definitely be finding a spot for it in my Top Ten Games post. Where? I’m not sure but it’s earning its spot in there because it is bloody awesome.

Anyway, it’s a new week tomorrow.

You know what that means?

(Yeah, more daily blogs. Exciting.)




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