Wednesday 15th March.

Another unsuccessful day with Cheltenham Festival bets – this is why I don’t ever bet on Horse Racing. Save for the Grand National. Good job it’s only free bets I’m wasting on these terrible punts.

Tomorrow I’m going to go and choose my horses on their name. If I like the name, I’ll stick some money on it and hope for the best. Tipsters aren’t having a good run through these two days so what do I have to lose?

Still happy about last night’s football win. Some more games tonight that I’ll waste one of those pounds I won on that – still, this is all coming from “free money” I had from taking advantage of a ‘free spins’ promotion they had going on. They say there’s no such thing as free money but, yeah, there kind of is. So shush. Whoever ‘they’ are.

Managed to earn another trophy on Horizon Zero Dawn today – slaying a Thunderjaw (some massive, fuck off T-Rex-like machine) to earn an award for defeating at least one of every machine in the game. Some are tough, man. Can’t wait to face not one but TWO Rockbreakers sometime in the near future…one was bad enough but two of the twats?

Fuck that.

Anyway, time to go. Shows to watch and bets to follow.

Another successful night? Probably not but who knows…




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