Thursday 16th March.

More horse racing today but, unlike other days, I actually profited off of the barbaric sport to the tune of three pounds and ninety pence. Rolling in it, man. Could have been a bit more but if your horse doesn’t win, you don’t win…and that was the case; 2 won, 2 did not – and it was the 2 shortest odds bets that did win, hence the low returns.

Oh well, I’ll take it. Paid for Friday night’s bets on Dutch 2nd Division football – hell, won some last week so maybe I’ll make money for a second week in a row? Be good if I did.

Something not about betting now – wrestling.

Last night was NXT night and FINALLY they confirmed what I suspected they might for the Wrestlemania Eve Takeover event; triple threat tag title match between A.O.P., D.I.Y. and R.E.V.I.V.A.L. Didn’t think they’d make it an ‘elimination’ match though, but I reckon a “tornado”tag match would have been excellent. Still, looking forward to that.

Weirdly I haven’t been on my PS4 today. I blame horse racing keeping me away from Aloy’s Adventures. Maybe I’ll go on before I go to sleep…who knows.

Anyway, enough for today.




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