Saturday 18th March.

Football day as per usual and, thankfully, a big win for Crewe to mention in this blog – couple of goals for Chris Dagnall and a 2-0 win over play-off chasing Colchester. Good stuff. Now 13 clear of the relegation zone…and 13 away from the play-offs. Doubt there’s a chance at them but survival in the league, that’s paramount and hopefully looks to have been obtained with a few more points over the final 8 games.

Eight games. FFS, soon be the summer break and there’s no big competition to follow this summe. Sucks, man. I’ll have to find things to do over the break to occupy myself.

Video games seems good. Like Mass Effect: Andromeda – cancelled my pre-order for that given it comes out this week; one, I’m still enjoying Horizon Zero Dawn to even contemplate playing anything else right now and b) I think I might wait to see if they fix all the hilarious expressions/dodgy animations via patches and stuff – kind of thing drove me crazy when playing Heavy Rain, reckon it’d do similar on Mass Effect.

I will pick it up eventually – like in a couple of weeks or so once I’ve completed HZD and, who knows, maybe even platinum trophy that son of a bitch.

Played a bit more of it this afternoon and completed a few more of the main quest “side quests” things – as in those which are designated ‘main’ but aren’t the main story, if you get what I mean. Think I’m at around 60% completion, plenty more to see and do though.

Anyway, that’s enough for today.




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