Sunday 19th March.

Sunday in the gym is strange as it never seems like there’s any of the staff hanging around – whether they are just hidden away in the office, who knows. Just thought it was weird and something I’d noticed over the last few weeks.

So, Sunday…not much to say about today. More disappointment in betting as I was one away on 2 that I put on with the last remaining funds from my win the other day. Gutting. I give up.

HZD Update; went up some mountain, wasn’t prepared for the Stormhawk that was up there – shame because I’ve already killed one of them bastards, I’ll get this one when I’m better prepared I think. As in more health potions, more health and more fire arrows and stuff.

Anyway, done with this blog. Been open for an hour or so and I’ve been distracted with other things to bother to write much.

One of those days.

Onto next week.





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