Monday 20th March.

The new Mass Effect game comes out this week and, in the midst of all the hilarious facial expressions and terrible animations (amongst other issues) I took the decision to cancel my pre-order for it. I mean, I want to play it but even the reviews that came out today – once the embargo had lifted – are brutal in their criticisms.

Eventually I’ll pick it up. But not before I finish off the remaining 30-ish percent of Horizon Zero Dawn – maybe because I’ll probably sell that on to make up the majority of the cost of ME:Andromeda, although maybe just so I can get the platinum trophy for the game – because that deserves to be completed to its fullest.

Speaking of which, made more progress on the Main Quest today whilst playing it; killed that Stormbird which was causing me problems yesterday and then going to some place far in the north eastern part of the map. Then I also managed to do the last ‘cauldron’ – which contained a Thunderjaw to beat right at the end. Lovely.

Do I have anything other than video games to talk about today?

Well, no, I don’t.

Unless I wanted to share my stories about a cheapass umbrella that broke within ten minutes of purchasing it. Stupid Poundland crap.

Or the second encounter with the same crack fiend in Hanley Town Centre; same guy hassled me on Saturday as well. So annoying. Especially when they come right up into your personal space and expect a handout. Fuck that off. Some guy spoke to me afterwards saying I should have hit him…probably, yeah, if I was like that.

Maybe I should be like that.

A vigilante ridding Hanley of the scrotes one punch at a time…


Something to mull over…but that’s it for today.




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