Tuesday 21st March.

Another day, another trip to the gym. Actually used one of those multigym things today for the first time and kind of enjoyed it – apart from the time when some other guy came in and started using it; allowed someone else to as I was only using the one side but he actually asked, this other random dude didn’t. Cheers man.

Further progress made on HZD as I got past another couple of main quest missions and onto another. Not sure how much there is left in the story, seems like there’s a bit left but not loads – suppose that’s what happens when you’re about 70% of the way through completion of the game.

Still taken aback by some of the screenshots I’ve been able to take in the game – think I’ll definitely get them all into the Tom Plays article on the game that’ll come sometime in the future. Might even make a start on it soon…ish…

Not tonight though I don’t think. 24: Legacy and Supergirl to watch tonight.

Speaking of TV shows. Just watched  trailer for Season 3 of iZombie and literally cannot wait to watch that sometime on the 5th of April following its airing in the States the prior night. Such a good show. No surprise it made it onto my Top Ten TV Series list.

Anyway, I better be off, got those shows to watch…

Until then, laters.




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