Wednesday 22nd March.

Middle of the week and a rather uneventful day when all is said and done; missed out on an absolute bargain on the PS4 store this morning as Final Fantasy XV was apparently available for £9.99 but wouldn’t work for me – obviously an issue that they soon rectified. Shame as it would have given me an excuse not to pick up ME: Andromeda anytime soon and another game to play after HZD is over.

Did spot a couple of other bargains that I will be picking up though; the Uncharted Collection for £12, PES for £8. Decent. That’ll keep me going for a while…and then I’ll have PES for when I want to play a football game. One thing I miss about having the Xbox now as I had FIFA that I could just boot up and play whenever I wished.

Spent the afternoon and evening following events down in London. Horrible thing to happen but, in this day and age, something that happens far too often. Not cool at all. Always going to be a target is London, sadly.

One day we won’t have to worry about terrorist attacks…sadly that doesn’t seem to be anytime soon.

Condolences to all that were affected.

On that sad note, I’m off.



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