Saturday 25th March.

Another big win for Crewe this afternoon; 2-0 over Carlisle to push even further away from danger. Good stuff. No doubt they’d still be languishing in amongst the relegation fodder the league has to offer this year had Steve Davis not been sacked…so cheers board for making that decision. Best one they’ve made in ages.

Mid-table obscurity awaits…and I’m OK with that.

I’m also OK with winning money at bingo last night. Not massive amounts (a tenner) but it made back what I spent on the night – kind of – so can’t complain really. Rather that than win nothing.

Like I did with football bets today. Not one bet let down by one team, not two…but THREE.

Needed a Carlisle goal for a BTTS winner – for less than £10 so didn’t put that on my list. Because that’s kinda petty.
Then Sheffield United drawing 1-1 cost me £20; that made the list.
Also Gillingham let me down for a home winners bet…knew I shouldn’t have put them on it, my fault for being silly.

Blame the international break for limiting options.

Ah well, at least there’s an England game on tomorrow evening. That should be fun.

Until then, I’m done.



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