Monday 27th March.

It’s Wrestlemania Week. Ooh. Exciting. Guess I better sort out another free trial of the WWE Network for the upcoming weekend because I’m cheap…and I guess it’s better than watching some dodgy stream of it online.

Means I’ll have some ‘Tom’s Takes’ for the days after both NXT Takeover and, of course, Wrestlemania. So that’ll be fun. More content on the blog. Always good.

Speaking of which, there might be one heading online tonight depending upon whether or not I am able to finish off the final bits prior to The Walking Dead coming on. Be good if I do, it’s been sat in my drafts for ages and ages…along with several other additions to the ‘Tom’s Top Ten (Things)’ series of articles.

If I didn’t ramble on so much it’d probably have been done ages ago. Or maybe I just like to write quality content. Who knows…you be the judge of that I guess.

Kinda like now, all I’ve done is witter on about nothing in particular. This writing daily blog things is hard, man.

That’s enough for today, going back to writing something worth writing/reading/listening to…




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